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Open day Onion sets on 4th of July


This open day, organized by De Groot en Slot in association with Broer B.V. is this year in Lewedorp in The Netherlands. This demo is on Tuesday morning 4th of July from 7:30 uur till 11:00 hours. The demofield is this year in Lewedorp in The Netherlands.

The varieties are growing beautiful and show good differences. In the demo are some novelties like early and resistance. Each variety has two strips planted with different plant machines. A strip in a conventional manner with a 'Koningsplanter' and the other with Kramer's precision planting machine. There are also participating companies such as Joost Klok Mechanisatie, Bayer CropScience, Van Iperen, Monie Nieuwdorp and Kramer Mechanisatie.

Put 4th of July in your agenda!

Date: dinsdag 4 July 2017
Time: 7:30-11:00 uur
Location: Korenweg (near house number 9) in Lewedorp, The Netherlands

Breakfast can not be missed this day. You'll receive this in the field.