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First onion sets planted


Wonderful weather and favourable conditions made it possible to plant the first spring onion sets this week.

Yesterday, Quality inside onion sets were planted along Reuzenhoekse dijk, a dike near the town of Zaamslag in the Dutch Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region. The onions were of Bejo/De Groot en Slot’s variety Troy. Farmer Mariël Haak explains: "We hope that, by planting now, we will be able to harvest the onions at the right time. This crop is very satisfactory at our farm, because it means we can get all the harvesting done before our potato harvest. We used to grow seed onions, too, but we stopped that because of too much overlap with our potato harvest. With a clay fraction of 20 to 25%, this is our lightest plot. We’ll wait for a while before planting in another plot, as the soil is still too wet there." The planting is being done by the agricultural contracting firm Boenne from Graauw.

The first Quality inside onion sets were also planted near Den Bommel on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee yesterday. The variety Forum went into the soil under favourable conditions. The planting was postponed for a while in the morning due to some rain. The onions were planted in a plot of light soil by the agricultural contractors A.J.G. Van Rossum from Ooltgensplaat.