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Troy Survey


A part of the sales team of Bejo and De Groot en Slot has visited most of the Troy fields in the Netherlands and Belgium last week, to get an overview of the condition and development of this strong overwintering onion variety.

They have collected various data of each plot, in order to find out the relation between condition and development of the crop and the different circumstances like soil type, nutrition and planting date and conditions. Number of plants per meter are counted, and compared with the number of sets per meter that were planted last autumn. This results in a percentage of lost plants. Together with the grower, they have tried to think of possible causes for these losses. Furthermore, the length of the foliage is measured and data like yield and size of the onions is documented during harvest. All these figures are complemented with the overall opinion of the grower. Goal of this analysis is to further improve our knowledge of Troy and thus our advice towards growers.