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Dutch onion set acreage is growing


Dronten – The Dutch onion set acreage is growing. This we know from Siem Beers, director of first year onion sets supplier Broer BV in Andijk, the Netherlands, who announced it last Wednesday on the onion theme day in Dronten. According to Beers the sales potential of onion sets is increasing because the quality of the onions offered to the markets is steadily improving.

“Onion sets fill the gap between the onion crop from storage, available until the end of May, and the first harvest of direct drilled onions, starting second half of August”, he explained. “Supermarkets want to offer their customers onions of all types and sizes all year round. Dutch onions are of good quality. And there’s always a market for good quality.” Varietal developments such as better skin capacity are bringing more distant export destinations within reach. “That gives us an edge on our competitors.” An additional advantage of onion sets is their higher dry matter content. “For industrial processing, it is an advantage that the dry matter content of onion sets is 2 to 4 percent higher compared to that of direct drilled onions. More and more use is being made of dried onions in various products, such as instant soup. And the onions that are used for that purpose must also be of good quality.”


The envisaged increase in the acreage of onion sets will take place within the overall onion acreage. The proportion of onion sets is 10 to 15 percent.