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Troy onion ready for supermarket

Today onion packing station JWK will be packaging the onion set variety Troy ready for sales to European supermarkets. Troy onion sets have a strong bolting tolerance and are therefore also extremely suitable for planting before the winter. The onions being packed by JWK were planted in mid-October by grower Arnold Timmerman in Kattendijke. ...

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Neck rot and second year onion sets

Neck rot is a highly unpredictable infection in practice. The problem is often only identified after the onions have already been infected by neck rot. Neck rot (botrytis allii) frequently occurs in early harvested second year onion sets. In retrospect, it often appears that the following two facts have not been taken into account sufficiently during harvesting and drying. Fact 1: neck rot fungus is always present. Fact 2: the mould thrives under ideal conditions. ...

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Demo fields 2009

Quality inside has planted trial and demo fields in various sites in Europe to test the assortment and to show the produce to interested parties. Where you read earlier about the demo field in Romania, a Quality inside trial field has been set up in the South German region where Bejo colleague Angelina Folger is active. As well as these locations, this year trial and demo fields have been planted out in Poland, Hungary, Russia, France and the Netherlands. ...

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Demo field Bejo and De Groot en Slot in Swifterbant

Demonstration fields are being sown and/or planted on several locations in Europe. These activities are also taking place in the Netherlands, in Swifterbant. Bejo and De Groot en Slot are laying out a large demonstration field on land owned by Piet Boudeling to show their carrot and onion varieties sown and planted using various drilling and planting systems. After the summer you can judge the various sown and planted onion varieties, as well as the second-year onion sets. The photograph shows the demo field with one of the Quality inside onion varieties planted using a precision planter from Machinefabriek Koning. ...

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